You spoke and we listened - motors are back!

The message that our customers wanted us to continue selling motors was received loud and clear so we have brought them back.

We will continue to sell our most popular motors.

We are still planning to discontinue the smaller motors that don't mesh well with our current gearbox lineup. These motors have been marked down 50%. Get them while you can because once the small motors are gone they are gone for good.

Our new stocked line of motors will include:

RS775 Motor - 24V RS775 Motor - 24V
RS775 Motor - 18V RS775 Motor - 18V
RS550 Motor - 12V RS550 Motor - 12V
RS555 Motor - 12V RS555 Motor - 12V
RS540 Motor - 12V RS540 Motor - 12V
RS395 Motor - 12V RS395 Motor - 12V
What about the wheels???

Yes - we know many of you also want the T80 wheels back. We can't promise anything yet but we can say they are in the works! We plan to post an update on the T80 wheel replacements soon and are working to make them available as soon as possible. Unfortunately with production constraints we will likely not have them fully available until this March or April.