Warranty & Returns


All products purchased through the BaneBots Web site (herein "item") are guaranteed to be free of all defects in material and workmanship for a period of 30 days (herein the "Warranty Period") following the date of shipment of the item to the customer. Within the period of this warranty, BaneBots will repair or replace a defective item. The warranty does not apply when the item has been tampered with, misused, improperly installed, altered, or damaged through accident or abuse. The buyer must notify BaneBots of any defect, malfunction, or nonconformity promptly upon discovery, and in any case, within the Warranty Period.


In the event that a manufacturing defect is discovered within the Warranty Period, BaneBots will repair or replace the defective item, and return the repaired or replacement item to the customer at no charge. The customer is responsible for shipping cost to return any item within the Warranty Period. NO ITEM MAY BE RETURNED FOR REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT WITHOUT THE PRIOR WRITTEN AUTHORIZATION OF BANEBOTS. A return authorization may be obtained by contacting BaneBots, and obtaining a written Return Authorization.

We do not accept returns of non-defective products or products that were not purchased from BaneBots. In the event that a product is returned as defective and is not, BaneBots will not pay to ship non-defective items back to the customer. Customers in this situation must pay return shipping for non-defective items.


Questions regarding any of our policy related material can be directed to our support staff by clicking on the Contact Us link on our Web site.