P61 Gearboxes

  • Based on the Field proven design of the P60 first released in January 2009
  • Completely manufactured and assembled in the United States
  • Small size and weight
  • Large number of gear ratios
  • CNC machined components
  • Cold rolled steel gears and hardened 4140 carrier plates
  • Lightweight Aluminum ringgear or optional steel ringgear
  • All components available separately
  • Custom configurations available

P61 Gearboxes are an upgrade to the proven P60 Series
  • P60 Gearboxes have been discontinued and replaced by the new P61 series.
  • P61 gearboxes are drop-in replcemetns for the P60s - all external dimensions and mounting are identical.
  • P61 Front Blocks, Shafts, and Output Carrier plates have been redesigned to provide more than a 25% torque capacity increase
With the exception of Front Blocks, Shafts, and Output Carrier Plates, all P60 and P61 parts are interchangeable. Each P61 part product page lists compatibility at the top.

P61 Stock
    Stock Gearboxes are Standard Gearboxes in our most popular ratios. They will be the lowest cost and quickest to ship. Stock gearboxes typically ship in 1-3 business days.
P61 Standard
    Standard Gearboxes are built using our standard configuration parts (shaft, blocks, ringgear) and are supplied ungreased. Standard gearboxes typically ship in 5-10 business days.
P61 Custom
    Custom gearboxes may be configured to meet your needs. Custom gearboxes typically ship in 5-15 business days.
P61 Parts
    All gearbox parts, includes replacement Pinion and Motor Hardware Kits