About the new Website

On September 5th 2015, we launched our new web site.

The new web site should provide a much smoother user experience as well as providing much greater flexibility in product selection. For example there are almost 20,000 ways we can configure a P60 gearbox and now you can choose the exact one you want. You will also find new tools to help with the order process such as the pop up mini basket and a shipping cost estimation tool on the main Shopping Cart page.

Unfortunately we were not able to transfer customer accounts and order history to the new site. You will find it easy to create a new account using your email address instead of the old sometimes hard to remember account login ID. Alternatively, you can select our new Express Checkout and place an order without an account. You can even access order history and status without an account - simply use the link in the order confirmation email.

We know we have a few pictures not showing up correctly and a few other things to polish up on the site. If you see anything missing besides a picture or anything otherwise incorrect, please let us know and we will get it fixed.