This gearbox replaces part numbers P60K-5533-0004, P60S-5533-5, P60S-5533-3, P60S-5533-7, and P60S-5533-57 and is functionally equivalent.

P61 Gearbox: Standard, 294:1

P61 Gearbox: Standard, 294:1

    Price:     $71.23

    Code: P61S-5533

    Standard P61 gearboxes are shipped with a back plug as pictured. A Motor Block and Pinion and Motor Hardware Kit is required to mount a motor to the gearbox. Click on the option info below for more information on the motors supported.

    Reduction : 294.07:1
    Stages : 4 - 5:1, 5:1, 3:1, 3:1
    Planet/Sun Gear Material : Cold Rolled Steel
    Ringgear Material : 2024 Aluminum
    Gear Specs : 0.6mod, 20deg PA
    Weight : 11.4oz
    Length : 2.7in
    Height/Width (Square) : 1.5 in
    Shaft Diameter : 0.50 in
    Shaft Length : 1.5 in
    Shaft Key : 0.125 in
    Shaft End Tap : #10-32
    Mounting Holes (8) : #10-32

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    No motor is included with the gearbox. The selection is for motor mount. The appropriate motor mount should be selected for the motor being mounted.

    Gearbox will be delivered assembled with a back plug and tested; however, it will need to be disassembled to grease and mount the motor prior to use. No special tools are required, typically only an allen wrench. A small arbor press or bench vise is useful for pushing the pinion onto the motor shaft.

    The back plug will be replaced with the motor block during the final assembly process. The back plug is not used in the final assembly and can be discarded or saved for future use as desired.

    Standard Gearbox includes one motor block, pinion and motor hardware kit. This is everything required to mount 1 motor of the appropriate size including pinion, screws, and lock washers to the gearbox.

    Exceptions for standard gearboxes:
    - No pinion is supplied when Blank Motor Block is selected
    - No Motor Block and NO Pinion and Motor Hardware Kit supplied when No Motor Block is selected

    For custom gearboxes No Motor Block and NO Pinion and Motor Hardware Kit is supplied by default - they must be selected for inclusion.

    Prior to use the gearbox must be greased, grease IS NOT INCLUDED and must be purchased separately. We recommend Mobil XHP 222 Special grease; however, most lithium based ball bearing grease can be used. We do not sell grease separately, it can be readily purchased from most local auto parts stores or online suppliers such as MSC, Grainger, and McMaster among others. Custom gearboxes can be supplied greased.

    Mounting a large load to the end of an unsupported shaft may damage the gearbox. The shafts on these gearboxes are supported by two ball bearings making them fairly rugged; however, we do not recommend them to be used with large overhung loads. We recommend using a design that supports the end of the shaft. If it is not possible to support the end of the shaft, we recommend mounting the load as close to the face of the gearmotor as possible and cutting the shaft to length. Our 1.5in square, 1/2in shaft bearing block provides a simple and effective way to support the shaft.

    The maximum torque the gearbox can support is 45 ft-lb. Bench testing has shown this is the failure point, an appropriate safety margin should be applied to your design.