Sport Heavy Duty Kickup Box

Sport Heavy Duty Kickup Box

    Price:     $125.00

    Code: P81H-n-SPRT

    The Sport Heavy Duty Kickup Box provides a high output torque option of 250 ft-lb and an additional 3:1 or 4:1 reduction for the Sport Gearboxes. This gearbox replaces the existing output block and shaft on a Sport gearbox with a Heavy Duty P81 gearbox configured with a 1/2 hex output shaft and a custom interface block to combine the Sport and P81 gearbox. The kit also includes a mounting pad to attach to the Sport gearbox to account for the difference in size of the two parts and to provide 1/4-20 mounting holes in line with the larger gearbox. The shaft on the Kickup Box is made from hardened 4140 and is supported by two large 5/8 bearings making this gearbox ideal for direct mount high demand applications.

    The gearbox is available in either a 3:1 or 4:1 ratio. To get the overall combined reduction multiply the reduction of the sport gearbox by the reduction of the kickup box.

    Key Features
    • 250 ft-lb torque capacity
    • 4:1 reduction
    • 1/2 Hex output shaft
    • All required hardware included
    • Provided greased and ready to use
    • Shaft has end tap and built in 5/8in shoulder to clamp to
    • Included Sport mounting pad provides secure mounting for Sport Gearbox
    • Shaft supported by two R10 bearings spaced 3/4in apart for high demand direct mount loads

    Reduction : 3:1 or 4:1
    Stages : 1 - 3:1 or 4:1
    Planet/Sun Gear Material : Cold Rolled 4140 Alloy
    Ringgear Material : Hard Anodized Aluminum
    Gear Specs : 0.8mod, 20deg PA
    Weight : 26oz
    Length : 2-1/8in
    Height/Width (Square) : 2.5 in
    Shaft Size : 5/8in Round, 1/2in hex
    Shaft Length : 7/8in
    Hex Length : 3/4in
    Shaft End Tap : #10-32
    Mounting Holes (6) : 1/4-20

    Kickup box: Click arrow in center of image to load and interact with it

    Kickup box mounted to a 3 stage sport gearbox: Click arrow in center of image to load and interact with it