Shaft Collar Blank, 1x3/8

Shaft Collar Blank, 1x3/8

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    Made of light weight Aluminum, the two piece design allows you to install these collars anywhere on a shaft without removing components. In addition to reducing the overall weight, the flats allow you to rotate a shaft without marring or gouging the shaft. Simply place the collar on the shaft and tighten the two socket-head cap screws to secure the collar and a wrench and be positioned on the collars flats to rotate the entire shaft/collar assembly.

    This collar is provided as blank so a custom bore can be machined into it. The collar is spot drilled on one side to make drilling/boring easier. Once the bore is machined, the collar can be split by cutting through the groove.

    Material : 6061 AL
    Outside Diameter : 1in
    Width : 3/8in
    Width Across Flats : 7/8in
    Bore : Blank
    Weight : 0.44oz
    Finish : Tumbled
    Screw Size : #6-32 x 1/2 in