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Hub, Hex, Series 80, 1/2in Bore, 1 Wide

Hub, Hex, Series 80,  1/2in Bore, 1 Wide

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    These hubs were originally designed to work with out T80 wheels. We not longer provide the T80 wheels but these hubs can still be useful to provide a 3/4 hex mount on a shaft. For example the Colson Series 1 wheels can be modified to work with these hubs by machining the bore to a 3/4 hex and shortening the length through the bore to match the hub.

    Mounting : 3/4in Hex
    For Shaft : 1/2in
    Weight* : 0.40oz
    Set Screw : 10-32 x 3/16in
    Num Set Screws : 1
    Snap Ring : 3/4in External
    Material : Aluminum