Colson Wheel 1-5/8in x 7/8in

Colson Wheel 1-5/8in x 7/8in

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    Colson Performa Wheels are some of the best wheels you can buy. These wheels are constructed with a thermoplastic rubber tread and a polypropylene core making them light weight and durable while providing excellent traction.

    The stock wheels have a slight crown on them. You can select to the the tread cylindrically ground flat. This removes the molded crown and maximizes the amount of contact the wheels has with the added benefit of making the OD of the wheel perfectly concentric with the ID. The grinding process leaves a rough surface on the tread helping to further improve traction on some surfaces.

    IMPORTANT NOTE The bore on this wheel is smaller than the standard 39/64in that our Series 1 hubs are designed for. The hubs can still be used with these wheels but you will need to enlarge the bore to 39/64 for the hubs to be properly installed.

    Specifications       Hubs
    Outside Diameter : 1-5/8 in 3/8 Shaft, 1/8 key : HC1-P1-KS3
    Width : 7/8 in 1/2 Shaft, 1/8 key : HC1-P3-KS4
    Bore : 1/2 in 3/8 Shaft, Clamp Hub : HC1-P1-S3-C1
    Length Through Bore : 1-1/32 in 1/2 Shaft, Clamp Hub : HC1-P1-S4-C1
    Weight : 0.75oz
    Color : Grey
    Tread Durometer : 65A